Free Legal Advice

If you have been injured at work and require some time off work for more than two weeks, or have suffered an injury that is ongoing it is imperative to seek legal advice.

There are several good reasons to Seek Legal Advicein relation to Work Injury Compensation. Here are a few good reasons:

How does a No Win No Fee Service work?

After our initial discussions with you, we can investigate your Insurance Claim File under with our no obligation legal advice service. Please note that we cannot contact any other party relating to your Claim, unless you provide us with written Authority.

No Win - No Fee means that the upfront costs are covered by the a Law Firm. When building a case, the outlay of sending sending an injured worker to our specialists, requesting Medical Reports and so on, can be quite daunting thus we provide a No Win No Fee service so our clients are not worrying about funding their case.

Our Free Legal Advice and No Win No Fee policy recognises the fact that many people are unlikely to be able to afford legal advice if they were required to pay for it from the beginning of their claim. There is a chance that your income has reduced and you may have to pay for medical services and more.

Legal representation is advisable and No Win No Fee means it will not cost you anything to make a claim and to have a legal representative.