WorkCover Notice of Assessments

What is a Notice of Assessment?

This a document provided by WorkCover Queensland (Workers Compensation will differ state to state). Generally a 'Notice of Assessment' is provided once WorkCover's medical practitioner deems an injury 'Stable and Stationery'.
WorkCover will organise an appointment with their medical professionals, to give the claimant an assessment to establish the 'Work Related Impairment' (WRI) 'Permanent Impairment Percentage'.
WorkCover then translate this percentage into a 'Lump Sum Offer'. This offer can vary, and can also be Nil. This does not mean the claimant cannot seek advice for 'Common Law Claims', or 'Damages'.

Have you received your Notice of Assessment?

If you have a Notice of Assessment which you have not signed, or if you are contemplating claiming for 'Damages', then you should seek legal advice, as stated on the 'Notice of Assessment'. If your 'Work Related Impairment' percentage is high, then it is recommended to seek legal advice also.

In short you have two choices after receiving a Notice of Assessment...

Not everyone has rights to a Common Law Claim as negligence needs to be clearly proven. If you have suffered an injury at work that impacts your health in the long term and inevitably your life, your income, and your potential futures income it is important to get legal advice.