Workcover Claims Process

If you have been injured at work you may be entitled to Workers Compensation under the WorkCover Queensland 'no fault' scheme.

This means you are entitled to compensation regardless of who is at fault. Just suffering an injury at work allows you to be covered for expenses such as loss of wages and rehabilitation services.

1. Report your accident to your Employer

First, you must tell your employer about the accident. It needs to be reported and documented. Your employer will have workers compensation insurance (WorkCover QLD) to cover against work accidents – this means the insurance company pays your compensation and NOT your employer. It is a good idea to seek medical attention regardless of the severity of your injury, just to be sure.

2. Seek medical attention

It is necessary to report the injury and how the incident ocurred with your Doctor, also depending on the injury further investigate will be required. Also, request a 'Workers Compensation Medical Certificate' as you will need to attach this with your 'Application for Compensation'.

3. Lodge your Work Injury Compensation Claim

Usualy, the 'Application for compensation' can be lodged by fax while with your Doctor. WorkCover will investigate the claim, and either accept of decline your claim. If you are not sure what do after this stage, seek legal advice as there is more information available.

4. Seek Legal Advice

The next important step is to seek legal advice from a work injury lawyer. By seeking free advice you will be able to find out all your entitlements. When contacting a work injury lawyer you may be asked a number of questions about you accident.

Questions may include:

Have all the information to hand as the answers to each of the questions will help the work injury lawyer advise you of all options. Each case is different and seeking legal advice can make a big difference to your claim for compensation.

5. What About "No Win No Fee"?

A no win no fee arrangement usually means that there are no up-front or ongoing costs for your claim. The ongoing costs are covered by the lawyer or law firm and these legal fees and costs are paid at the end once your case has been settled and you have received your workers compensation payout.