WorkCover Injury Claims

WorkCover Injury Claims may be...

  •  Statutory Claim - A WorkCover Compensation Claim for a injury sustained in the workplace, or, 
  •  Common Law Claim - for a workplace injury by establishing who was at fault and depending on the longevity of the injury.

 General facts and tips after sustaining an injury and being covered by WorkCover Queensland;

  • report your injury immediately to your employer,
  • a work injury can be physical or psychological (bullying, harassment, discrimination),
  • make an appointment with your Doctor to find out more about the injury sustained,
  • request from your Doctor a Workers Compensation Medical Certificate, so you can lodge your ‘Application for Compensation’, to recover your wages and medical expenses, while requiring time off work,
  • if time off work is require and are looking at a long rehabilitation process, lodge an ‘Application for Compensation’ just to cover yourself,
  • make sure WorkCover Queensland have approved your rehabilitation plans so that they can be billed and not you,
  • seek specialist medical advice by requesting a referral from your Doctor so that you are treated correctly for your injury and know what type of ongoing problems, if any, you may be looking at in the future,
  • find out if you are able to keep working in the current industry, do you need to consider re-training,
  • keep all of your receipts for other expenses (that have not been reimbursed), in case you decide to take your claim further,
  •  there are two claims that you may be entitled to, which are called Statutory Claims and Common Law Claims,
  • it is recommended by the government to seek legal advice regarding your rights before you finalise you Statutory Claim
  •  if you have been driving directly to or from work, or for work purposes, then you may lodge a Workers Compensation claim also, and
  • find out early what your options are so you’re not risking falling out of the limitation periods.

If you have been injured in the last 3 years due to someone else's negligence then you are entiled to compensation