Need Help Lodging an Injury Claim?

When suffering an injury at work...

it is important to know that all employers by law must have Workers Compensation Insurance. There are many insurers who carry Workers Compensation policies, but usually each state or territory, and depending on the industry will have a standard Workers Compensation Policy.

It is a workers right...

to apply for this insurance if they have been injured at work, or travelling to or from work. If you have been injured at work, (with no ongoing or permanent effects) and if you only require rehabilitation, time off work to recover, and you know that you will soon be at your best again, then talk to your employer and your GP so you can assure your heath is taken care of first, and can soon return to work.

The Permanent Impairment

The more severe your injury is, the more likely it is that it may become permanent and cause ongoing health issues. If you are unable to return to work or your usual job it is recommended you seek the advice of a work injury lawyer. In saying this, to pursue a 'Damages Claim' in Queensland, a worker must identify how the employer was negligent, or how they employer failed to provide a 'reasonable duty of care'. If you have been injured outside of Queensland, then make contact so you are gathering the right information regarding that states legislation.

Have you had an Independent Medical Assessment? (IME)

Getting a proper diagnosis of your injuries is critical to your health and your ability to return to work in a timely manner. If your injury is permanent, WorkCover will send you for a medical assessment to have your permanent injury assessed. You may be offered a lump sum payment and it is recommended you seek legal advice once this document called a 'Notice of Assessment' has been received. This is not the end of a Worker Compensation claim, and will only make and offer, if any, for current expenses incurred.

Why a Common Law Claim?

Pursuing this type of claim is no everybody's cup of tea, but the impact on your life in the future is valuable enough to at least understand why you would consider this option.

We in no way encourage anybody to make a claim but we do encourage you to understand the impact of your wellbeing and the reason insurance in necessary. Common Law Claim, seeks compensation for 'Damages' such as;